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Tobacco - Past Webinars

Aug 11, 2021

Community Led Efforts: Current Trends of E-Cigs/Vaping & Youth

March 17, 2021

Los primeros pasos en el involucramiento de los jóvenes en el control del tabaquismo

Jan 11, 2021

Youth Engagement in Tobacco Control: Getting Started

May 27, 2020

Beyond Translation: Reaching Hispanic Communities with Effective Tobacco Cessation Messaging Campaigns

May 29, 2019

Promoting Tobacco Cessation Through Evidence Based Clinical Interventions & Global Awareness Campaigns

Sept 27, 2018

Empowering Hispanic Youth to Take Action for a Tobacco-Free Life 

Sept 18, 2018

Text Messaging Reminder Programs for Smoking Cessation and HPV Vaccination for Hispanic Communities

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